Emma’s Senior Shoot

Miss Emma. What can we say about you?  You love on my daughter like she’s your own little sister.  You and your family love mine like we were a part of yours.  You have encouraged and welcomed Libby into the ballet world – giving her confidence in her abilities and her person.  You are very dear to our hearts and although you are moving on to amazing things, we cannot move past the fact that we won’t see you on a weekly basis next year.  Although we are excited, we will miss you (and your momma) very dearly.  The Lord has great things in store for you.  Keep Him as your rock, your standard, and your guide.  Never walk away.  We celebrate you and your life from here into your next (college) adventure!2018-03-06_00472018-03-06_00482018-03-06_00502018-03-06_00492018-03-06_00512018-03-06_00522018-03-06_00532018-03-06_00542018-03-06_00552018-03-06_00562018-03-06_00572018-03-06_00582018-03-06_00592018-03-06_0060